Sören Hartmann – REWE Touristik CEO

Development of market shares in Germany

Small and flexible competitors grow in a stagnating market of 20 billion euro – increasing online market share for the last years

Market environment

There are new players and systems in the market

New players and systems influences the booking process

Dynamic packaging: Chance or risk

The world economic crisis leads to further changes


Spain and Greece will be seriously affected (cost problem)

Turkey an Bulgaria will benefit Comeback of North Africa §Germany and Austria as destination growing

Source markets

The markets in UK, Italy and Spain will suffer

German market will stagnate


Good price performance ratio is essential

The Deluxe market will grow

The third and fourth holiday will suffer

The duration of holidays will fall

Location offers good prospects for a growing Russian and Arabic market

Good price performance ratio is the reason for growth in Europe

Stable product quality and innovative hotels with competitive prices

Further investments in good infrastructure are necessary

Investment in service and staff

Guest satiscfaction worldwide: Turkey ranks second in RTG portfolio

In comparison with other destinations, Turkey offers an exellent price / performance ratio for our clients and has an advantage compare to other countries

Ø Total Booking Price/Guest in €

Germany:  ITS / Jahn Reisen / Tjaereborg, 4* Hotels, AI, no Yield, TJ 10/11

Turkey as a strategic partner for REWE Touristik

We are forcing our continous growth in Turkey

23% increase of our flight capacity from Germany in 2011  

50.000 extra seats in summer 2012

Separate aircraft with Air Berlin in Turkey

57 new hotels in summer 2012

96% of all hotels offer All-Inclusive

New ITS Catalog for Turkey

155 pages and 122 hotels

New: Izmir & Kusadasi

Constant growth and guest development in the last years

Turkey will continue to grow

But continuing growth requires…

Volume makes price

Looking for the right partners

Concentration on the right distribution channels

Familiarize with new media

Enduring increase of recommendation and repetition rates

Hold the price/performance ratio

Further investments in good infrastructure

Focus on sustainability and environmental protection

One of the leading trading and travel and tourism companies in Europe

•Countries:         Germany, Austria, Czech Republic,   Switzerland, Great Britan, Romania,  Serbia, Russia, Hungary

•Description:  Package tours and component tours

•Employees:  1.457 domestic / 146 abroad

•Guests 2010:  6,5 millions

•Total turnover 2010:  3,1 billion Euro