A Quick look at History of Resort Tourism Congress

Tourism of the Future – Future of the Tourism
International Resort Tourism Congress was carried out in Divan Talya Convention Center of Antalya on December 1st-2nd, 2011 for the first time. Carried out with 600 attendances, keynote speaker of the first congress was TUI CEO of the time Dr. Frenzel. Moreover, from abroad, Sören Hartmann of German tour Operator DER Touristik (Rewe Group), Armin Vielhaber of German Tourism Research Center, Read more

International Resort Tourism Congress is at peak on its 6th year


Addressing one main theme under the “Future of the Tourism, Tourism of the Future” title every year, International Resort Tourism Congress will host another significant event this year.

As the main tourism market of Turkey, Germany’s strong travel institution Germany Travel Association’s (DRV) DRV Congress, which was formerly planned to be held in Kuşadası, however was cancelled due to insufficient turnout, will be carried out with a different format on the “Turkey-Germany Day” 6th International Tourism Congress will organize on its first day, November 24th.


President of Germany Travel Association (DRV) Norbert Fiebig and other directors along with the CEO’s of tour operators, and owners and directors of travel agencies will attend the “Turkey-Germany Day” to be carried out within the context of 6th International Resort Tourism Congress.


Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Nabi Avcı will also attend the 6th International Resort Tourism Congress. Avcı will participate in the “Turkey-Germany Day” to be carried out on the first day and sessions of the next day as well.

Hosting the international travel industry actors from Europe and other countries and also important politicians as speakers every year since it started, the keynote speaker of International Resort Tourism Congress will be TUI Group Chairman Friedrich Joussen this year. Moreover, President of the alliance institution of travel agencies, RTK, Thomas Bösl will also attend the Congress from Germany.




President of AKTOB (Mediterranean Hoteliers Federation)  Yusuf Hacısüleyman, has emphasized the importance of common sense.










The success of Turkey’s tourism for last 30 years contributes a success story and the common sense is very important for that success.

Common sense needs to be dominated as Hacısüleyman states, “We think that way. The best strategy is to define the strategy together. We can sustain this common sense. We have come today by fixing our infrastructure and superstructure deficiencies. We mind a lot about the collaboration between private sector and public sector.

“We should be ready to open minded developments.” says Hacısüleyman, by pointing out to 2023 strategy, “We forget to check out 2023 hand book. This is also a document of common sense”


Hacısüleyman highlights that 2015 will be a though year by emphasizing the crises in Russia and Middle East “The world is watching us. The concept of war creates stress” he said.

Turkey wasn’t very successful to manage the perception as Hacısüleyman states, “We have received 1,6 million people from Syria  by our humanitarian approach but we couldn’t explain this to the world. Turkey is always criticized in the news from our borders. We couldn’t generate a positive perception from our humanitarian approach.

Yusuf Hacısüleyman, “Trends are changing. Households consisting of 1 person are increasing. There will be new customized products. Communication and technological developments will be decisive. Maybe tourists will visit to city centers by appointment. There will be new personalized fine-tune products.” gave tips for the new era.


President of Antalya Promotion Foundation (ATAV), Nizamettin Şen, has been a great moderator in 4th Resort Tourism Congress. As he closes the congress, he declared next year’s Congress date.

Monthly magazine RESORT, which is created by Ekin Group and owned by Mediterranean Hoteliers Federation (AKTOB) is the main coordinator of Resort Tourism Congress with the support of AKTOB. 4th Congress took place in Antalya Aska Lara Resort on 28 November 2014.

There were domestic speakers as well as international speakers, from digital and technical improvements to Russian market with hot developments, from cruise tourism to new trends; so many topics have been covered.


4th Resort Tourism Congress moderators, Nizamettin Şen stated, “Ankara needs to receive these messages. We are not stressed because of the loneliness. We have gone far alone and we will go further. As being democrats and tourism professionals, we wouldn’t compromise about the main issues.”

5th Resort Tourism Congress will take place on 27 November 2015. He told that they wouldn’t allow having new speculations as they did this year about the date.

TÜREL “We are open to all ideas for tourism sector”

Antalya Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel made a speech in Resort Tourism Congress.

When beginning to his speech he pointed out treatment problem in Antalya “10 years ago, it was our main problem to have a treatment plant.   We have forgotten the horrible smell even if we were walking by the trees.  To realize a treatment project or to create a new project, these are not problems anymore”, he said.

Türel stated there is a great work in transport’s infrastructure in Antalya, “by the end of 2015, I mean next year, 5 new intersections (Aksu Expo, etc.)  will be completed in Tedaş intersection  We will delivery a great service. But of course, it is not enough. We should preserve the historical structure of city center and we will develop city center,” he stated.


The negotiations with responsible ministries about cruise tourism have been started as Türel describes, “There will be ongoing work. Project Konyaaltı with Boğaçayı will be a golden mine and it will bring a great value to our Antalya.  We are realising “smart city” technology project to arrange social structure in Kaleiçi.  Smart phone services in foreign languages have been developed. There is free wi-fi in public transportation since last week.  We should accomplish great things like cultural tourism and sport tourism for winter.  The Expo will take place in 23rd April and G20 Summit will take place in Antalya in 2016.  Naturally AKTOB (Mediteraneen Hoteliers Federation) and TÜROFED (Hoteliers Federeation) will contribute to Antalya for common values.  I’m sure we will accomplish all our goals if we work all together as Antalya with our partners.  We would like to discuss about the actions to be taken for which market and which segment, we are open to all ideas.  It should go further from exhibiting in a fair and we should show our ambition” he stated.


Marco Ryan who is the Omnichannel Marketing & Digital Commerce Managing Director of Thomas Cook, gave tips about digital developments.

Marco Ryan who is the Omnichannel Marketing & Digital Commerce Managing Director of Thomas Cook, which is the 2nd largest group in European travel market developing its capacity in digital, talked about the effects of world’s digital developments and transformations on tourism sector in 4th Resort Tourism Congress.


“Anarchical environment prevails, we need to develop new form of loyalty.”

As the competitors and the customers approaches are changing, Ryan emphasizes, “we need to develop a new form of loyalty.”

“How can we transform our customers to our brand ambassadors” says Ryan and pointed out the importance of understanding the customer and its demands.

Whoever understands this change and adapts himself to this change in this new digital era, has a great chance of being success. He gave example of Delta Air, he changed his whole team from IT to marketing and it has become the most popular airlines in USA.

Ryan explains, new customer demand for “smooth experience”, “online reputation management” is gaining importance. Ryan reminded that players outside the sectors such as Amazon and Google entered to tourism field, the competition is fierce and it is important to build relationships with customers.

“It is not enough to create a social media account”

“It is not enough to create social media account” says Ryan, “You need to establish a dialogue. All good dialogues start with good listening.”

Ryan states, big players like Marriott and Thomas Cook have seen this change and adapt themselves to this change, “We need to think together with the customer and act together”.

 “You can’t be everywhere in the digital world”

Marco Ryan continued:

“Different investors are coming to market with different models. They may affect your plan. Do not compete with everything. Try to understand and be part of the process. You can’t be everywhere in digital world. Be present where you are the best.

Home tourism and other new trends affect badly hotel business as Ryan said, “Choose a strong partner. Expedia invests 600 billion dollars in IT; do you personally have 600 billion dollars? If you don’t, work with Expedia. Do not focus only on price; focus on value. Value is not only to win back the customers, but whole. For example, free fast wi-fi is more important now. Make a difference with innovation. There are so different ways to be innovative. You may not say “it is not included in your reservation” you need to be part of sharing economy. Be a part of the change. Do not worry; get help. Be calm and digitalize.

You need to take into the consideration the hotel reviews. “If you don’t listen your customers, it is very bad. See the value of the product in the customers eye.”

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4th Resort Tourism Congress in Aska Lara Otel on 28th November began with an evening cocktail on 27 November 2014 Thursday in Concorde Hotel.

Monthly magazine RESORT, which is created by Ekin Group and owned by Mediterranean Hoteliers Federation (AKTOB) is the main coordinator of Resort Tourism Congress which took place in Antalya Lara. All tourism domestic and international professionals as well as consuls and honorary consuls participated to the cocktail.

SAM_7371 - Kopya

There were so many participants to the cocktails including, former Minister of Tourism Bahattin Yücel, CEO of Thomas Cook Peter Fankhauser, journalist-author Prof. Güngör Uras, Chief Editor of FVW (German tourism magazine) Klaus Hildebrandt, Chief Editor of Hürriyet Daily News Murat Yetkin, Head of German Tourism Research Center Prof. Armin Vielhaber, General Manager of Coral Travel, Coşkun Yurt and many AKTOB managers and representatives of the sector.

Congress has an important function

President of AKTOB Yusuf Hacısüleyman made a short speech while greeting the guests: “We are going to talk about “the future of the tourism” tomorrow. We are actually looking forward. Because we are trying to assess the whole year’s performance in small groups or maybe in fairs. But sometimes it is not enough to understand what is really going on. That’s where the congress has an important role. We have invited not only domestic professionals but also international professionals who have very important role in international market. We have so valuable speakers to talk about new trends, new perspectives in investments but also to evaluate important developments in digital world.

He celebrated Fankhauser’s appointment to CEO

Hacısüleyman greeted Fankhauser, new CEO to Thomas Cook, who is the keynote speaker to Congress, “we applaud Mr. Fankhauser’s appointment to CEO of Thomas Cook group. I told him with humor, “You made your first trip to Antalya as CEO., other destinations will be jealous. He is already so familiar to Turkey and he is a close friend. We hope he will reach the success that he desires and he will have more chance to give more importance to Turkey and we hope so”.

The cruise potential of Turkey can be used in winter time.

Jürgen Stille from Norwegian Cruise, which is Germany based cruise company, had given important informations about Turkey’s cruise potential in Resort Tourism Congress.

The cruise tourism firstly has taken a place at this 4th  Resort Tourism Congress.

Jürgen Stille from Norwegian cruise, which is Germany based cruise company, has presented the historical evolution of cruise tourism and evaluated the cruise possibilities and opportunities in Turkey.

The beginning of cruise tourism has been developed in 19th century but the main leap has been observed in 90s and the passengers have been doubled to 3 million, as Stille declared.  The passanger number has been increased to 21 million in 2014. The cruises have been started in America nowadays expanded to Europe.


There are more options in cruise sector for the time being as there are newly built cruises.  Stille stated, “there are different vacation styles.  As there are new destinations, there are passive or active tours, family or personal tours.  Grandmothers and grandfathers are going to vacation with their grandchild’s.

International cruise market has reached to 36 billion dollars in 2013; they expect a quite increase to 37 billions as there are some economic recessions in 2014.

As Stille observes Turkey’s cruise market, “2 millions passengers came to Turkey in cruises in 2013. Total cruise number anchored to Turkey harbors is 685.”

Generally they come to Turkey daily as Stille states, “However, Turkey has a great potential for next 10 years.   There should be some improvements in harbors structures and bigger harbors should be built.  %45 of total capacity consist of İstanbul, İzmir, Kuşadası.  Only %0,05 of Turkish peope go to cruise vacation.  So, there is a market to be emerged.  The potential is ready for Turkish cruise companies to enter to the market in next 10 years, why not?” Stille said.

The cruise potential can be used in winter as Stille highlights, Antalya could be a hub.  South harbors like Antalya have a great potential.

Antalya has been upgraded but can be renovated.  The cruises which anchor to European harbors can be transfered to Turkish harbors” as Stille stated.

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Executive editor of German FVW magazine Klaus Hildebrandt, evaluated Turkish tourism as a journalist.

Klaus Hildebrandt, who is the Executive editor of FVW, one of the main travel and tourism magazines in Germany, has shared his opinions about Turkish tourism in 4th Resort Tourism Congress.

Klaus Hildebrandt made a speech in Antalya Aska Lara Hotel & Resort says “Turkey grows with its hospitality. German tourists ask, “Why tea or coffee is not served in Spain or somewhere else.”


Turkey’s tourism has been developed so much for last 30 years says Hildebrandt, there are some points to criticize as well.

There are some critical political developments recently. Hildebrandt says, “Political developments always create a risk. Tourism is inseparable from politics. Your sector federations are strong. But you need to fortify your international power. You need to invest on marketing and presentation. Fairs are not the only place to do that. You need to define your own image and control it effectively. Sometimes tourism needs to stay away from politics that may be beneficial. Try to do yourself whatever politicians can’t accomplish.”

Hildebrand explains, “The customer profile in tourism is constantly changing. People want to live “something” in vacation and go home. We need to say people “you will go somewhere so magical and you’ll experience something wonderful” and we need to offer accordingly”

Internet is very big and detailed domain for the time being says Hildebrandt, “the major part of Germans search for vacation on the Internet. You need to explain yourself very well on the Internet. You have so much to explain actually.”

He pointed out deep competition with the title of “Competition never sleeps”. “Greece, Egypt and the other competitors are getting stronger after the crisis. Spain made a mistake by not taking Turkey into consideration. You need to carefully watch your competitors” He warned Turkish tourism professionals.

FANKHAUSER: Whoever capable of adapting to digital transformation, will survive.

Peter Fankhauser made his first speech after his appointment to Thomas Cook’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) during 4th Resort Tourism Congress.

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Denizbank General Manager Hakan Ateş said in Resort Tourism Congress “If there was no tourism, the current deficit would be increased. We need to take good care of tourism”


Biggest supporter of 4th International Resort Tourism Congress, a Board Member and General Manager of Denizbank Hakan Ateş made a presentation about the importance of tourism sector.


He said “Tourism is the oil for Turkey. Turkey is the 4th country in which tourism take such a big place in the economy. By 2014, total employees working in tourism has reached 1 million people. It feeds 54 different sectors and creates added value to the country.”


“If there was no tourism, the current deficit would be increased”


Ateş explains “We expect 45 billion dollars deficit by the end of this year. We expect 32 billion dollars of income. If there was no tourism, the deficit would be 75 billions”


Russia and Ukraine consist %19 of Turkey’s tourism, “The developments in Russia may affect the tourism negatively. But on the other hand, Turkey may present an opportunity in this market with the problems they may arise between Europe and America. The usage of Euro by the investors is beneficial for the investors. Dollar rate will be raised. Geopolitical tensions may create a risk but may be an opportunity.” says Ateş.


“As Turkish lira will be risen, tourism will be more expensive. If we don’t affect these negativities to prices, it will be more beneficial for the country economy and tourism” Ateş warned tourism professionals.


Turkey has grown the yearly bed capacity by 36.000 beds for last 30 years, “We need to create variety in tourism. We need to develop golf, wellness and thermal vacation themes. Direct flights from Iran and Russia are very important. We need to give incentives to tour operators. Also airport investments are very important.”


Competitive monetary approach of Central Bank is correct as Ateş states, it is very important to tourism sector.


Ateş emphasizes on the importance of young tourists, “we need to invest for young tourists. They are traveling more. We need to adapt ourselves to digital transformation.”


“we also offer consultancy in tourism for our loan repayments.” Ateş said that they would increase their products for tourism.


“We need to take good care of this sector”


“We need to take good care of this sector. Particularly professionals in public administration and politicians need to take good care. We kept our promise, we won’t leave 1st rank to anybody” he states.


“The crisis in Russia won’t be over in short time”


He mentioned the crisis in Russia and in that region and possible effects on tourism, “Russia, Europe and America won’t conclude that crisis in a very short time. What it will bring? There are valuable reserves like gold, silver and other reserves under these lands. If their money loses its value, the people will tend to spend less. This may create an effect on Russian and Ukrainian market. There are also some other predictions; Russian may prefer Turkey more. Sberbank keeps %50 of the market, of which Russian Central Bank has shares. Our negotiations continue.”


“Russia may return to Euro”

The tourism in Russia may return to Euro says Hakan Ateş “I suggest it is better to consider in Euro”


We contribute to hotels with business loans, “We aim to contribute directly to tour operators. However, tour operators are coming to us as investors for the time being. But of course we can create more opportunities.”

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“tourism of the future – the future of tourism”
What a title! And than you are inviting a real tour operator dinosaur to hold the keynote today..
I am in the travel industry for more than 20 years now and I have seen many trends come and go.
And I have still survived them all and many colleagues as well.
So what can a dinosaur like me tell you about the future or tourism? Unless many former trends the internet won‘t disappear if we wait long enough. Digital devices have changed our behaviour as a customer or in our private lifes. And as a company and an indurty we have to adapr to these trends without forgetting where our strengths are. And that is exactly why I might be not the wrong choice to tell you a bit about the future and my digital experiences. One thing is very clear to me: the new digital world is about collaboration which means you as the hoteliers and we as tour operators can only be successful together. That was true in the past and it will be even more true in the future.


Talking about dinosaurs, so where do we come from?
As you can see mankind has evolved over millions of year because we were able to use technology. We were able to invent many very helpful things like how to make fire or the wheel, than industrial machines.
We learned how to stand on our feet and how to move.
But in the meantime when you look at all the people on the streets staring at their smartphones or sittung in front of their computer one could believe we are about to forget how to walk and stand upright.





Talking about dinosaurs, so where do we come from?
As you can see mankind has evolved over millions of year because we were able to use technology. We were able to invent many very helpful things like how to make fire or the wheel, than industrial machines.
We learned how to stand on our feet and how to move.
But in the meantime when you look at all the people on the streets staring at their smartphones or sittung in front of their computer one could believe we are about to forget how to walk and stand upright.


Technology has driven our evolution but the pace of disruptive inventions has accelerated in the last 20 years.
Do you remember the first mobile phones? Heavy and big as a brick. And you could only call others with it – unbelievable!
Today these smartphones include more technology than the Appollo 11 flight to the moon. And they are used like computers, for shopping and booking a holiday.
Do you remember letters? You know, these little pieces of paper on which you write with a pen. Then you put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, go to the next post office and wait some days till it arrives at the right address, hopefully.
Today you open your laptop write a mail and push the button, some seconds later it has arrived. Not very romantic but efficient.
The first computers occupied large halls, now you do all this on your tablet or smartphone. And rather sooner than later you will communicate through your watch or glasses.
We have come a long way…


Being a tour operator today is so much more than having the right product at the best price at the counter in a high street shop. The digital era and especially the digital customer challenges every part of the travel industry. His needs are far more advanced compared to former generations.


Customers search and book whenever and wherever they want to, regardless of opening hours
Customers expect a personal and seemless experience across all channels
Customers expect easy and authentic communication
Customers share their travel experiences million times online
Customers are looking for new digital touchpoints
Customer have highest transparency on price and quality


In times of digital transformation knowing and understanding the customer journey is key.



The internet is the most important media for customers and travelers. Online is part of nearly every buying process and every journey.
Customers expect options to get in touch with tour operators permanently. They demand an omni-channel dialogue, a seemless transition between offline and online.
Accompanying the customer on his journey with us is the main challenge for the future. How are we able to add value to his search process, how can we inspire him, how can we influence his decision where he books his holiday? These are the questions we have to ask ourselves every day and we have to find answers – quickly.


Online technology provides us with many new options how to improve our content to inspire the customer.
Brochures and adverts will of course remain important tools however the future is digital.
Here are some examples that show how we already use digital channels to reach out to the customer.
Being present on social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter iis basic today. It gives us the chance to communicate with the customer in a real and personal way. Presenting our products personally, including user generated content and images, inviting to photowalks to explore the world and inspire others.
This is a totally new way to interact and inform.
People look for guidance in an online world where they are overwhelmed by the broadest offer and millions of choices. Option paralysis is a common phenomenon these days.
That‘s where we need to jump in: having strong and trusted brands and guiding the customer through this internet jungle.
Great and compelling content, differentiated product, a quality proposition and state-of-the-art-technology – that will make us competitive and successful.


In the new world Strong content across all channels like web, social and stores is key to the customer engagement and conversion. Video is a key driver in this development.
Customers expect more and better content from us and you. There are some easy learnings that are critical for the success.


Unique content and embedded offers can lift conversion significantly. We see that great content is more likely to convince customers and in the end generate bookings.


Content can be placed on e-commerce sites, on social platforms and in-store screens. There are no limits as how you can use different formats of content. As long as you think from your potential client or target group.


Video is generating conversion uplift for hotel partners. We see that motion pictures are far more compelling to customers than simple images we often use for brochures. If you want to be seen in the digital world you have to offer new content.


Integrating hotels within destination campaigns leverages tourism board budgets. We often work together with tourism boards to promote a destination and plan divers marketing activities. But without the right offer these campaigns do not generate the right output. If we want to raise interest for certain regions the customer demands concrete offers regarding accommodation. We need to show where exactly he can spend his holiday and make clear where his advantage lie. If we get this right, we can easily leverage the budget and gain better results.



Something very innovativ we just tested in our German market is Augmented Reality, the ideal connection between offline and online.
In four Thomas Cook brochures we have integrated special images of hotels. By using our new App „Travel Insight“ you are able to scan these images with your smartphone and will get to a variety of additional content online like videos, 360 view on hotels, Google Maps and other information that is very helpful.
So we are not talking whhether we need brochures in the future anymore, it is how we can integrate traditional channels in the digital age in an intelligent way. Recently we have this available for 250 hotels and more are to follow.
Augmented Reality is building a bridge from brochures to digital content.


As mentioned earlier: video is king when we are talking about the right content that drives conversion.
New technology offers new perspectives: small drones or FlightCams show hotels from a different angle, improving the customer experience.
These new visual formats stand for authenticity – a value customers increasingly demand for.
Of course this is something we as a tour operator use to differentiate from the competition and very naturally we focus on our own product, our own concepts and brands. In the meantime we offer 60 videos and 200 more are planned.
Let‘s have a look at one of our Sentido hotels.


These flightcam videos are nice and inspiring but this is nothing compared to virtual reality.
New devices like the Oculus Rift can give you a whole new experience. For the first time in travel, customers can try before they buy. By visiting one of our hotels virtually they get the real impression what awaits them on their holiday.
Our first pilot started in August in one of our concept stores near London and soon, right before Christma, we will roll this out to stores in UK, Germany and Belgium. At the beginning the virtual reality headsets will be available in a handful of stores in each markets but if customers accept it, there is more to come.


In a digital world data is the new currency. You may have heard about rich data and what this means for companies and their approach towards the customer. Knowing your client, his history and needs allows you to target them with personalised offers and increase loyalty. And more than this:
Investment in customer data and technology power partnerships and drive results.
With new IT and CRM systems we are able to segment web and in-store customers based on rich travel data.
In the next stage we can enrich travel data with 3rd party demographic and behavioral data to get a more detailed picture of our customers.
This allows us better targeted online promotions across external and tour operator websites together with our partners.
Customer data and intelligence deliver successful partnerships!





Did you know that the time between booking and departure amounts to 116 days or four months.
Four months a tour operator can use to interact with the customer, providing him with information about his booked holidays and additional offers that improve his travel experience. Surveys have shown us that people who have booked with us expect more from a tour operator than sending out the invoice and demanding the money.
Post-booking and pre-departure communication offer new opportunities to engage with our customers.
Our colleagues in Scandinavia are doing this exceptionally good and we are learning from them. We have now started post-booking communication two days after the booking, it ends two days prior to departure.
Based on our travel data we send them information about the destination and ancillaries,
Information on flight, hotel, transfer, insurance,
Information about needed travel documents.


We were really surprised that 64 per cent opened the mails and nearly 20 per cent visited our websites.



If we are talking about our omni-channel strategy one could think we only mean online or digital channels.
That is a big misunderstanding. Omni-channel means to be present on all channels our customer uses and being there with the right product at the right time.
In many markets people tend to research online but like to purchase offline in a high street store. They are looking for personal contact and recommendation. And the digital world does not stop at the front door of a travel store.
Modern in-store screens offer new options to target customers with personalised content and measure views for reach and target by customer gender & age via in-built technology. The results are encouraging: 22% of customers watch for more than 10 seconds.
Over 500 screens in our top stores form Europe’s largest outdoor travel media network.


I have talked a lot about content in the last minutes, meaning videos, images and other inspiring colourful things.
For a tour operator content has of course another dimension:. It is about having the right product in place – And as you surely know any product offer starts with the customer.


Times have changed: in the good old times we packaged hotel, flight, transfer and rep service and sold it as a package, one or two weeks Antalya and that‘s it. „Sell what you make“ I would call this approach, more or less supply-focussed, mainly produced out of the company‘s perspective.


Today it starts with the customer and it ends with the customer. Asking people what they really demand, what they expect when going on holiday, exploiting trends – that leads to the creation of the right product which will be booked by the customer. „Make what you sell“ or customer-oriented.







Made to the needs of the customer and differentiating us from others and creating value for our partners and ourselves – this is the ideal combination. We call it Concept hotels.
The hotel experience determines the whole holiday experience. That‘s a fact. And customers are more likely to be loyal to a hotel they like than to a tour operator.
Given these facts we and others developed a strategie of differentiation through hotels, building new brands and establisginh new concept that appeal to the modern customers.
New opportunities for partners to benefit from strong brands that are sold through all channels.







Hoteliers and Tour-Operators face new digital challenges


Due to increased transparency, bad quality will not sell anymore


Dedicated Online Reputation Management & Social Media Know how


Digital development and digital maturness of customers and competition


Decent and structured quality management based on customer feedback



Quality has never been as transparent as today with various Feedback Channels on Social Media


Hotel ratings and prices are key factors influencing the booking decision


Almost all travelers use online reviews – independent of the sales channel






Hotels should make active use of the tools offered

Responding to Reviews – show customers that you value their feedback and take them seriously
Content Management – ensure your hotel is represented properly on review sites (content, pictures, address, name etc.)


First mover advantage: Thomas Cook first and only tour operator using TrustYou
Online-Tool for structured analysis of comments and customer feedback of more than 400 review sites
Automatically calculated TrustScore for every hotel provides information about quality
Automated alert function of poor hotel performance
Specially adjusted functionalities for the TC Group
Currently around 30.000 Thomas Cook Hotels in TrustYou with permanent-scoring

Support by Thomas Cook

Do it yourself: Take part in ORM training
Do it yourself: We establish contact with TrustYou and you can subscribe to TrustYou – our Quality Manager can show and explain the tool

We act for you: We can help you with your structured online reputation management


Das Konzept:
TY ist ein OnlineTool welches die Hotelbewertungen von über 400 Vergleichseiten zusammenfasst und daraus Analysen und Reports erstellt (z.B. die Respondrate von Hotels)
Zu jedem Hotel wird automatisch ein TrustScore berechnet welcher sich an den aktuellsten Bewertungen sowie an einem hohen Traffic orientiert

TY bei TC:
TrustYou wird seit Mai 2014 aktiv bei TC genutzt
TC ist der erste und einzige Tour Operater, der dieses Tool nutzt
Insgesamt wurden 600 MA gruppenweit geschult das Tool zu nutzen
Vor allem in folgenden Bereichen:
QM  Nutzung als Grundlage bei Qualitätsdiskussionen mit den jeweiligen Hotels
Produkt  Nutzung im Auswahlprozess
Longtail  Nutzung als Filter
Hotels-Resorts  Ableiten von Verbesserungsmaßnahmen, vor allem bei Franchise Hotels
Vertriebsleiter  als Argumentationshilfen für den Vertrieb gegenüber dem Kunden


Where does the future of tourism lie?


Some in our indutry dream of holidays in outer space. Sending people in a space shuttle to the stars.
Sounds nice but maybe a bit expensive. Not everybody will probably be able to spend some millions on a nice little trip.



I personally believe, the future lies where it all begun…


… still at the beach but digital!


Coşkun Yurt, General Manager of Coral Travel, which is one of the main travel companies in Russian and CIS  (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries market, answered to Bahattin Yücel’s questions in Resort Tourism Congress, he gave important tips about the uncertainty in the market.

Monthly magazine RESORT, which is created by Ekin Group and owned by Mediterranean Hoteliers Federation (AKTOB) is the main coordinator of Resort Tourism Congress with the support of AKTOB. One of the biggest issues was Russian market, which will be problematic this year.

Coşkun Yurt, who is General Manager of Coral Travel, explained in details the recent situation of Russia and CSI market.

Former Minister of Tourism and Culture Bahattin Yücel managed the session in question-answer format, they have covered Russia and CIS market developments.

“Russians will continue to come”

Yücel said “My youth was spent with the fear of Russian communism. We were always afraid of the communism to come to Turkey in the winter, but now if Russians don’t come, we will have problems.” And Coşkun Yurt answered: “Russia is the first market of Turkey. Russians will continue to come.”

“Tourism has grown in spite of everything and it will grow”

Yücel asked about the falling in ruble and the effect of these economic problems in bilateral relations. Yurt answered, “I would like to go further to 11 September 2001. They said it was threat of terrorism. Every country was considered as terrorist. We had so much. At last, Ebola virus… since that time, the tourism movement has grown %70 worldwide. We know the development in Turkey as well. Tourism has grown in spite of everything and it will grow.

“ The main problem of Russian market is the uncertainty”

In the coming period, “marketing with destination priority” will be more important Coşkun Yurt stated and continues:

“Ruble is losing value, Russians revenues are decreasing. The economy is shrinking. Ukrain is another situation. We have a negative perspective. Winter terms sales have decreased %40 in parallel with devaluation. Beside the loss of value in ruble, the main problem is the uncertainty. Russians don’t go to shopping. The main problem is uncertainty.”

Emphasized on the presence of operators of Turkish origin

Yurt answered like this to Bahattin Yücel’s question “do we have to keep our expectations reasonable for 2015?”

“There are economic problems. However, Turkey will benefit from the loss of demand in Europe. Most importantly, we have operators who don’t say “decrease the price in the market or we will direct the aircraft to other countries”.

“The conditions will be more clear in February, please do not increase the prices”

Yücel confirmed his statement by saying “it is the most important point that needs to be highlighted” he asked “these economic problems will affect Russian market’s growth. However, the obstacles in Europe like visa and decreasing price in flights due to decreasing price of oil, would they benefit to Turkey?”

Coşkun Yurt answered as so:

“Yes the drop of oil prices led to a decrease in flight prices. But this only offers %10 advantage. But in any case there will be shrinkage in the market. We would be able to understand the Russian market by the end of February. Until that date, we need to monitor the developments. However, half of our hotels don’t realize this. Some of them increased the prices. It is dangerous. For last 5 years, hotels offered %20 average discount. So, we have %20 in other terms 1 billion dollar error margin. It was because of the shortsightedness, there were increases in the prices where there was devaluation of %50. Sector is becoming more competitive every year and profit margins are decreasing, but we wouldn’t move much in this dream.”

According to a study conducted by Coral Travel, price-decreasing process takes about 23 days in Russia and CSI market, “during this period, customers can shift to other destinations. We are not selling air; we are selling beds and seats. Empty bed means empty seat. Small revisions eliminate the need to make big revision during the high season.” He said.

Bankruptcy caused by the inability to adapt to technological developments

Bahattin Yücel reminded the bankruptcy of the tour operators in Russia and asked “There were several bankruptcies in Russia. What is the main reason?”. Coşkun Yücel answered as so:

“This is not because of the heavy conditions in economy. Until today, the operators made the reservations in Russia manually. As they don’t adapt to technological developments, they were unable to keep up. The market weight was Europe for these operators. The problems with Europe have also affected their jobs. Also the developments in technology and Internet have affected bankruptcies in Russia.

Yücel asked the reason why %35 Russian look for holidays online but they buy their holiday in traditional way. Yurt said, “There is a trust issue. People want someone to be responsible. They would like to feel secure by contacting face to face. Some standards are not settled yet. The structure of tourism sector is also another factor. The usage of internet is not very common even in Germany.”